Philadelphia Aircraft Cable Assemblies


As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of aircraft cable assemblies in Philadelphia, PA, and surrounding regions, JHL Industries customize your orders according to your requirements at the lowest price possible. Our Philadelphia aircraft cable assemblies are manufactured on site, which gives us the freedom to customize these Philadelphia aircraft cable assemblies as per your commercial or industrial needs. If you do not find the Philadelphia aircraft cable assemblies with your exact specifications, just let us know and we will provide you with your customized Philadelphia aircraft cable assemblies as per your size and color requirements.

Order your Philadelphia aircraft cable assemblies today! Some of the many benefits of our Philadelphia aircraft cable assemblies include:

  • Ideal for heavy duty equipment
  • Jackets are oil and moisture resistant
  • Customized length
  • Color customized cords
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Harsh weather resistant

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Philadelphia Galvanized Aircraft Assemblies


Our Philadelphia galvanized aircraft assemblies can be used in a large number of industrial, commercial, and personal applications. The Philadelphia galvanized aircraft assemblies are a type of aircraft cable assemblies and are known for their versatility and affordability. In order to create these Philadelphia galvanized aircraft assemblies, steel is dipped into molten zinc where the zinc corrodes overtime providing these Philadelphia galvanized aircraft assemblies with a protected coating. This process not only gives the Philadelphia galvanized aircraft assemblies a distinctive finish, but also makes these cables strong, durable, and highly versatile.

The Philadelphia galvanized aircraft assemblies are ideal for milder environment including, but not limited to:

  • Cargo applications
  • Marine applications
  • Pulleys and zip lines
  • Exercise equipment
  • Garage doors

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Philadelphia Custom Aircraft Cable Assemblies


We provide great quality Philadelphia custom aircraft cable assemblies because we know that every business is different and so are their applications and requirements. Order our Philadelphia custom aircraft cable assemblies if you need fully customized cable assemblies with standard or customized aircraft cable fittings. Along with Philadelphia custom aircraft cable assemblies, we stock many hard-to-find products so our customers and partners can get everything they require for their projects at one place.

Our Philadelphia custom aircraft cable assemblies are super versatile and can be used in numerous fields including agriculture, construction, lighting, theatre, marine, and fire equipment.

  • Custom length and color tapes
  • Customized extension cords
  • Philadelphia custom aircraft cable assemblies
  • Customized bungee assemblies
  • Customized power cords

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