Dallas Cable Path Tape


If you are looking for a reliable and reputable company that provides high-quality cable path tape in Dallas, TX, consider yourself in the right place. The path tapes are mainly required at places where temporary cabling is done, and the tapes alert the visitors about the cables running.

Get in touch with JHL Industries for the best quality Dallas cable path tape. As an established company, we have been supplying all types of tapes to our clients, including vinyl dance floor tape. Call us if you are in need of Dallas cable path tape, which includes:

  • 4” x 30 yd tapes
  • 4” x 55 yd tapes
  • 6” x 30 yd tapes
  • 6” x 55 yd tapes

Place your trust in our company to provide top-quality Dallas cable path tape specific to your requirements. The tape has excellent adhesion to hold down to any surface and can be easily removed without leaving any residues.

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Dallas Dance Floor Tape


Consider your search for the best tape company to provide Dallas dance floor tape; complete! The tape is also known as Marley tape and is mainly used on dance floors to cover the seams and provide the dancers a smooth surface to perform.

Rely on us for your Dallas dance floor tape needs as we have catered to several clients in the past. We understand that the performers require a smooth and seamless surface to perform and so, we provide the best-quality Dallas dance floor tape, which you can use as the following as well:

  • Aisle-marking tape
  • Decorative striping tape
  • Color coding tape
  • Taping dance floor

Call us to learn more about Dallas dance floor tape and how we can customize it for your needs.

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Dallas Vinyl Dance Floor Tape


As an example, if you are in the hotel industry, you need not look any further for your requirement for Dallas vinyl dance floor tape and other tapes. We manufacture and distribute customized extension cords and tapes for various industries.

Count on us for your needs of the best-quality Dallas vinyl dance floor tape as we have catered to numerous clients. We customize the tapes with your name without any extra charges. Call us with your requirements of Dallas vinyl dance floor tape for the following places:

  • Construction industry
  • Entertainment industry
  • Universities and colleges
  • Arenas and hotels

Trust our company for the best customized electrical solutions, including Dallas vinyl dance floor tape supplies.

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