Houston Cable Path Tape


If you are searching for a local cable path tape supplier near Houston, TX, you can end your search with us. We, at JHL Industries, supply Houston cable path tape for the local region. Houston cable path tape helps to create a safer and more efficient environment to work in. The Houston cable path tape that we offer eliminates dangerous tripping hazards.

Our Houston cable path tape is made of a premium vinyl coating that is coated on both edges with a top-of-the-line cured rubber adhesive system. The center portion of our Houston cable path tape has a smoother surface for pulling wire and cable through. The high performance adhesive of the Houston cable path tape will help hold on most surfaces for a long period of time. We offer Houston cable path tape in yellow with black print, solid black and solid yellow finishing.

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Houston Dance Floor Tape


Dance floor tape is primarily used for color coding, decorative striping and aisle marking. If you are in search of Houston dance floor tape that gives a smooth finish and seamless feel to dance floors, your search can stop here.

We offer Houston dance floor tape that is industrial grade and made to handle heavy duty pressure in both indoor and outdoor use. Our Houston dance floor tape has a high tolerance to abrasion and manufactured to meet and exceed all OSHA safety guidelines.

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Houston Vinyl Dance Floor Tape


Dancers need a seamless surface to dance across on. In order to create a smooth seam where flooring is brought together, you may require Houston vinyl dance floor tape. We offer a variety of Houston vinyl dance floor tape selections.

Excellent for temporary or semi-permanent installations, we offer Houston vinyl dance floor tape that can be used on the seams and perimeters of vinyl floor installations. We carry a large selection of Houston vinyl dance floor tape options in various widths, colors and strengths. Whether you need Houston vinyl dance floor tape for holding, sealing or floor marking purposes, we know that you will find exactly the right type of Houston vinyl dance floor tape that you are looking for.

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For quality Houston vinyl dance floor tape, get in touch with JHL Industries today.

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