Houston Colored Extension Cords


The vast array of products offered by JHL Industries includes colored extension cords for the Houston, TX residents who are interested in customizing their extendable power cords by color.

Some people like to opt for Houston colored extension cords because of the beautiful burst of bright color that comes to the area where these cables are used. However, colored custom cords are popular for more than aesthetic benefit.

Houston colored extension cords help in their identification, preventing an accidental exchange with the property of another contractor or department. You can even get the Houston colored extension cords custom-printed to make them further uniquely yours.

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  • Colored power cords
  • Colored extension cables
  • Custom colored cords
  • Colored power extender

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Houston Colored Custom Cords


We offer several options in length and gauge of Houston colored custom cords. Our colored extension cords are available for multiple applications. Those who need to use the Houston colored custom cords outdoors on a job site can opt for 25, 50, 75, or 100 ft power cords, while the 10 or 15ft long extension cables would be ideal for indoor use.

Moreover, we supply Houston colored custom cords for connecting and powering up many different types of electrical appliances and heavy-duty tools such as drills, chain saws, compressors, grinders and more.

Contact us today to tell us about your specific requirements for Houston colored custom cords. Also discuss the prices and other terms for ordering our:

  • Colored custom extension cords
  • Colored extension cord reel
  • Custom colored power extensions
  • Colored custom extender cord

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Houston Cords by Color


We are happy to the one-stop shop for all the people interested in ordering Houston cords by color. Our company caters to a diverse clientele for Houston cords by colors.

Individuals and companies working in the entertainment industry, general contractors, electrical contractors, construction companies, hotel owners/managers and educational institutions are among the customers to whom we supply Houston cords by color.

We offer them all many options in Houston cords by color. The products supplied by us include:

  • Black extension cords
  • Blue extension cords
  • Yellow extension cords
  • Red extension cords
  • Green extension cords
  • White extension cords

No matter your order for colored extension cords, count on us to meet it with top-quality products from leading manufacturers.

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