Austin Electrical Extension Cord


If you need a customized electrical extension cord in Austin, TX, get in touch with JHL Industries. We have a solid trajectory in the electrical extension cord business. We have an extensive inventory including every tape, wire, and electrical extension cord available. Upon request, we will provide a free sample of an Austin electrical extension cord for your reference. We work with leading manufacturers to supply a superior and complete Austin electrical extension cord range of products. Every electrical extension cord can be personalized with custom printing, die cutting, and slitting based on your requirements.

We have every possible Austin electrical extension cord you may need:

  • Multi conductor cord
  • Cold weather cord
  • Convention cord
  • Retractable cord

Go online or call JHL Industries to check our Austin electrical extension cord range of products.

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Austin Electrical Power Cord


In our shop you will find an Austin electrical power cord for every piece of equipment that requires a connection. We can produce any length of Austin electrical power cord possible at attractive prices. Customers from all industries have requested an electrical power cord from us. We even supply an electrical power cord range for power tools and battery chargers. Our knowledgeable consultants will give you expert advice regarding the correct gauge you should consider for each Austin electrical power cord depending on the amperage it requires.

Choose the appropriate Austin electrical power cord from our vast selection:

  • Standard power cord
  • Specialty power cord
  • Custom power cord
  • Power cord connector

JHL Industries will provide premium Austin electrical power cord in small or bulk quantities.

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Austin Custom Electrical Cord


No matter the industrial application destined for your Austin custom electrical cord, all orders are specifically customized to meet your needs and applications at the lowest price possible. Every Austin custom electrical cord complies with all safety guidelines and approval ratings from the most reliable agencies. With our own manufacturers on site, we are able to offer a comprehensive personalized service for every custom electrical cord purchased. We will ensure that your Austin custom electrical cord suits your job site requisites in terms of safety, discretion, visibility, anti-theft, and convenience.

Our personalized service enables you to choose the Austin custom electrical cord that best suits your requirements:

  • Extension cord by color
  • Extension cord by length
  • Extension cord by type
  • Extension cord by gauge

Order your Austin custom electrical cord from JHL Industries.

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