Houston Extension Cord


Are you looking for an experienced and reputable extension cord supplier serving Houston, TX? If so, the search stops right here. JHL Industries has long been the leading master distributor and manufacturer of heavy-duty Houston extension cord products.

With a limited number of electrical outlets installed in a property, people often do not have a power outlet positioned just where they need it. That is when a Houston extension cord comes into use. When the cable on a piece of equipment cannot reach the outlet, a Houston extension cord plays the critical role of delivering power from the outlet to the remote appliance.

Do not let the machine’s limited reach hold up your work. Come to us for any of the following:

  • Power extension cable
  • Drop cord
  • Extension lead
  • Extension chords

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Houston Extension Cords


Houston extension cords go a long way in reducing breakdowns in work and increasing productivity. However, it is essential to know that using the wrong extension cord can be very dangerous.

Improper sizing of Houston extension cords results in thousands of accidents and injuries every year. Another safety hazard is the poor quality of these power cords.

Come to us if you want complete peace of mind about working safely with the right kind of Houston extension cords. We take pride in being an ethical, responsible and customer-friendly company. All the products supplied by us match the highest industry standards for quality and meet all safety guidelines.

No wonder we are the top source for Houston extension cords for multiple applications, including by:

  • Construction company
  • Entertainment industry
  • Hotel
  • College/university

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Houston Custom Extension Cords


We specialize in making Houston custom extension cords. There can be several reasons for personalizing an extension cord. Our clients generally get Houston custom extension cords made by us to meet a specific purpose with the cables, track the cords by department or division, advertise their business/brand and prevent job-site theft.

Look no further than us for Houston custom extension cords, no matter why you need them. Trust us to meet your order for the Houston custom extension cords with superior products marked by top-grade materials, seamless workmanship and competitive pricing.

Contact us today for:

  • Custom made extension cords
  • Custom length extension cords
  • Custom color extension cords
  • Personalized extension cords
  • Custom printed extension cords

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