Houston Gaffers Tape


Gaffers tape is made of heavy cotton cloth and is great for conforming to surfaces that are irregular. If you are looking for quality gaffers tape that is easily removable and hand-tearable, you can end your search with JHL Industries. We offer the local region of Houston, TX with quality Houston gaffers tape that is water, vapor and abrasive resistant.

Our Houston gaffers tape is a great option for most applications such as securing cables and audio/visual wires. Many production crews, live events and industrial staging workers comes to us for our Houston gaffers tape since it can be quickly applied and removed without bringing damage to the floor or leaving adhesive behind.

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Houston Gaffer Tape


Coated with polyethylene, our Houston gaffer tape is designed to be removed without leaving residue to the cord and flooring that it was adhered to. Many people comes to us for their Houston gaffer tape needs since it is designed with versatility in mind. Houston gaffer tape is ideal for being applied in a many types of environments since it has high strength backing and is abrasion-resistant and UV resistant.

If you have any questions about the Houston gaffer tape that we have to offer, please reach out to us. Our experts would be happy to take the time to answer your questions regarding which is the best type of Houston gaffer tape for your various needs.

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Houston Professional Grade Gaffer Tape


Boasting a heavy-duty vinyl coated waterproof cloth, our Houston professional grade gaffer tape could be exactly what you are looking for. The Houston professional grade gaffer tape that we offer is excellent for being applied in exterior weather and high/low temperature applications.

If you are searching for Houston professional grade gaffer tape for bookbinding, set productions, wrapping wires, protecting electrical wiring and more, get in touch with us today. We are one of the best suppliers when it comes to finding Houston professional grade gaffer tape.

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  • Burgundy professional grade gaffer tape

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