Houston Masking Tape


Masking tape is a light adhesive paper tape that is easy to tear and be applied smoothly and removed without leaving damage or marks. As a masking tape distributor, JHL Industries offer Houston, TX with quality masking tape wholesale products.

Houston masking tape is made with a low tack adhesive that doesn’t tear pages or leave any residue behind. Many people come to us for Houston masking tape to get crisp borders or clean lines in their painting. We are proud to offer affordable masking tape in a variety of styles and strength levels.

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Houston Masking Tape Distributor


As a Houston masking tape distributor, we offer masking tape for general purposes, high performance and even specialty masking tape. Many people in the local region comes to us when they are searching for a Houston masking tape distributor since masking tape makes it easy to write on and label items. The natural color of masking tape makes it easy to see a darker marker on it for superior visibility.

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Houston Masking Tape Wholesale


If you are looking for Houston masking tape wholesale products, you can end your search for a masking tape distributor with us. As a local Houston masking tape wholesale supplier, we have masking tape that is multi-purpose for protecting surfaces while you paint, label, wrap items together, mark boundaries or seal packages.

Convenient and versatile, our Houston masking tape wholesale products are perfect for your projects around your residence or business. If you have any questions about the types of Houston masking tape wholesale products that we offer, give us a call today. Our staff is ready to answer your questions and find the best masking tape products for your needs.

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