Austin Printed Extension Cord


JHL Industries stock and manufactur a vast selection of industrial products, including a printed extension cord option in Austin, TX. We are a single source supplier of any kind of printed extension cord available in the market. Our unbeatable personalized service guarantees that you will find the Austin printed extension cord you are looking for. We customize your printed extension cord to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Every printed extension cord, whether flat line or heavy duty, complies with the industry’s safety guidelines. We provide virtually any Austin printed extension cord length upon request.

Our comprehensive Austin printed extension cord range includes:

  • Heavy duty extension cord
  • Retractable extension cord
  • Coil extension cord
  • Flat line extension cord

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Austin Printed Extension Cords


Not everyone knows that Austin printed extension cords are a reality. We can produce Austin printed extension cords with your company’s information, name, and statement. Moreover, the printed extension cords customization service has no additional charge. Your printed extension cords will have the details printed throughout its entire length. By personalizing your printed extension cords, you will prevent loss or theft thanks to the durable and clear labeling we deliver. Having Austin printed extension cords will also allow you to mark the cords according to the piece of equipment they connect to.

You can choose Austin printed extension cords depending on your specific requirements:

  • Custom extension cord
  • Extension cord by colors
  • Extension cord by length
  • Extension cords by gauge

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Austin Printed Power Cords


Customizing your Austin printed power cords will have no repercussions on the cord’s durability and safety. We work with top-grade professional manufacturers to deliver high quality Austin printed power cords. We stay updated with the latest technology to ensure our range of Austin printed power cords is complete to satisfy the needs of our customers in every industry. Whichever industrial application is destined for our electrical printed power cords, you can rest assured that they are manufactured to meet the approval ratings of the most reliable agencies.

Throughout the years, we have maintained the highest standards in the design and manufacturing of superior Austin printed power cords:

  • Customized printed cords
  • Customized embossed cords
  • Custom colors and stripping
  • Customized labeled cords

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