Austin Retractable Electric Cords


One of the many ways to light up your next event in Austin, TX, is to use Austin retractable electric cords. Have you been looking for a way to connect your lights and equipment across large distances, without having to deal with tangles and faulty connections? If so, then you need to try Austin retractable electric cords from JHL Industries today. We offer a wide selection of colors and lengths for out Austin retractable electric cords.

Another reason why it makes sense to use Austin retractable electric cords, like ours, is because we can customize them to your needs. We can laser print your company or organization name on your next order of Austin retractable electric cords, while also producing them to the exact length you are looking for.

No matter if you will be using them indoors or outdoors, you can rest easy knowing that your Austion retractable electric cords are built to your specifications, and are built to last. For details on our Austin retractable electric cords, please see the following:

  • Custom color electric cords
  • Retractable electric cords with laser print
  • Electric coil cords for concerts
  • Heavy duty electric cords

If you are ready to start reaping the benefits of Austin retractable electric cords, call JHL Industries today at (800) 255-6636.

Austin Retractable Cords


You can trust American-made Austin retractable cords to stand the test of time. Whether you are hosting massive live events, like concerts and awards ceremonies, or you have frequent events at church or school, you will find that Austin retractable cords from JHL industries will be more reliable than competing brands - especially those made overseas. Our company makes sure that our Austin retractable electric cords are resistant to oil, grease, abrasion, and moisture.

Did we mention that all orders of Austin retractable cords ship free within the United States? No matter what corner of the country you are in, we will make sure that our Austin retractable cords reach you, and that you can continue using them for many years to come.

We proudly stand by the quality of our electric cords, and can deliver a variety of Austin retractable cords solutions to suit your specific needs. Take a look at the different types of ultra-durable cords we offer:

  • Multi-conductor electric cords
  • Cold weather retractable cords
  • Flat line electric cords
  • Convention cords
  • Bulk order retractable cords

In order to experience high-quality Austin retractable cords, call JHL Industries today at (800) 255-6636.

Austin Coil Cords


When it comes to making sure that everything is well-connected on a construction project or large event, you can trust the quality of Austin coil cords from JHL Industries. Our Austin coil cords are made in America, and we also offer free shipping nation-wide. Whereas other electric coil cords tend to break apart easily, and are only available in a few varieties, our Austin coil cords are made with much more attention to detail.

Not only do our Austin coil cords come in a variety of colors, but we also offer many types of cords for all sorts of purposes.

For example, if you are in a cold climate, we have Austin coil cords specifically for cold weather. In addition, we have Austin coil cords of gauges as thick as 14 inches, in order to really withstand pressure and ensure maximum durability. These kinds of electric cords are perfect for construction projects, or for being frequently transported to other areas, such as for live events. Take a look at the kinds of retractable coil cords we offer to learn about what would be most suitable for you:

  • Heavy duty power extension cord
  • Extension cord lighted ends
  • Flat extension power cords
  • Triple tap extension power cords
  • Extension cords with power light

To get properly prepared for your next wiring project, call JHL Industries today at (800) 255-6636.