Houston Retractable Electric Cords


The multitude of products offered by JHL Industries includes retractable electric cords for Houston, TX residents. Extension cords provide a convenient way of using appliances at a considerable distance away from the electric outlets. The problem with these cords is that they can tangle when not in use.

Our Houston retractable electric cords are the ideal solution. The retractable cords are designed to wrap around a reel automatically when not required. This eliminates the hassle of tangling and untangling and also makes the Houston retractable electric cords convenient to store. Meanwhile, users have the freedom of pulling out only such length of the Houston retractable electric cords that are required to connect their appliances to the outlets.

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  • Retractable extension cord
  • Retractable cord reel
  • Retractable power cord
  • Retractable electrical cord

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Houston Retractable Cords


It is an undeniable fact that there are several benefits to buying Houston retractable cords instead of conventional extension cords. However, it would not do to put your money into just about any of the Houston retractable cords on the market.

Besides being convenient to use, store and carry, your Houston retractable cords must also be made of high-grade materials. Come to us for retractable electric cords if you want your usage of the extension cables to be safe and free from accidents. Our long-standing company is a trusted source of top-class Houston retractable cords. We supply coil cords that come with proven brands from reputable manufacturers.

You are sure to be fully satisfied by the quality of our:

  • Extension cord reel
  • Electric cord reel
  • Retractable wire
  • Retractable extension lead

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Houston Coil Cords


We specialize in supplying custom-made Houston coil cords. Our company offers several options for customizing heavy-duty retractable electric cords to suit unique preferences, needs and conveniences.

You can place an order for Houston coil cords in a selection of colors, lengths and gauge sizes. Get in touch with our experts to discuss details such as the extended length, retracted body diameter, tangent configuration and strand configuration of the Houston coil cords you want to buy.

We strive to provide the perfect Houston coil cords for your application. Contact us for a quote on:

  • Custom coil cable
  • Coiled extension cord
  • Coiled power cord
  • Spiral cords
  • Coiled electrical cord

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