Houston Tunnel Tape


Are you in search of tunnel tape in the Houston, TX local area? If so, JHL industries is proud to be a supplier of quality Houston tunnel tape. The Houston tunnel tape that we supply is hand-tearable and puncture resistant. One of the many benefits of the Houston tunnel tape that we offer is that it can be lifted and repositioned many times without the loss of adhesion.

Many people come to us for their Houston tunnel tape needs since tunnel tape is perfect for taping down cables and wires in auditoriums, TV studios and convention centers.

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Houston Cable Tunnel Tape


The Houston cable tunnel tape that we have is adhesive only on the outer zone edges in order to create a tunnel to protect wires, cables and cords from the adhesive material. The Houston cable tunnel tape that we have will not leave adhesive residue on applied surfaces like standard duct tape will.

We stock a huge supply of Houston cable tunnel tape that is ideal for routing cables, easy to apply to flooring and prevents light reflection. This Houston cable tunnel tape is easy to manipulate to fit irregular surfaces and shapes.

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Houston Cable Path Tape


Houston cable path tape provides a fast and economic method of organizing all of your cables. Unlike the outer edges, the Houston cable path tape that we supply is left clean. Cables and wires can be repositioned easily with the Houston cable path tape that we supply.

Whether you need Houston cable path tape for film sets, film industry, warehouses, events, trade shows or something else, we have the Houston cable path tape that you are looking for if you need a temporary path for your cables.

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