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Batteries are a product everyone uses on a daily basis. There is no need to discuss the benefits, as you are well aware of why they are so important in our lives. What is important, however, is JHL Industries carries the best portable power solutions money can buy. Duracell Procell batteries are the most trusted battery in industrial, construction, entertainment, service, travel, transportation, and retail industries.

As you are reading this, take a look around your environment and observe how many items and things require batteries. Remote controls, pencil sharpeners, digital clocks, heart monitors, children’s toys, and numerous electronics require a power solution to enable operation for a long period of time. In order to guarantee proper operation and efficient performance, a quality portable power solution is needed to ensure the product is working to its capacity within factory specifications.

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Tracking Ponies utilizes Duracell Procell batteries for measurement equipment used to log data during races. Their Sony portable audio recorders utilize the Duracell Procell line to ensure proper and efficient operation during all day races. AA (Double A) and AAA (Triple A) batteries are the most frequently used batteries for race day applications. The next best option for power is an AC/DC option. Unless you have access to a portable generator or power supply, portable power solutions are the best option for providing a continuous power supply for most accessories and electronics.

It is important to remember not to settle for standard batteries sold OTC (Over-The-Counter) as they are not manufactured with the same professional specifications as the Duracell Procell series. Your professional equipment deserves the best power solutions available at competitive prices. JHL Industries provides the best and most efficient portable power solutions available in the marketplace. Call us today at 800-255-6636 to discuss power solutions for all stationary and portable equipment in your facilities and operations!

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