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Glossary of terms

AWG Abbrivation for American  Wire Guage.
AWM Designation for appliance wiring materials.
Alternating current Electric current that continually reverses its direction. It is expressed in cycles per second (hertz of Hz).
Ambient Temperature The Temperature of a medium (gas or liquid) surrounding the object.
American Wire Guage (AWG) A Standard system for designating wire diameter. Also referred to as the Brown and Sharpe(B&S) wire guage
Ampacity (See Current Carrying Capacity)
Ampere The Unit of current. One ampere is the current flowing through one ohm of resistance at one volt potential.
Anneal Relief of mechanical stress through heat and gradual cooling. Annealing copper renders it less brittle.
Audio Frequency The range of frequencies audible to the human ear. Usually 20- 20,000 Hz.
Basic Protection A commonly used industry term for partial surge protection, usually a single MOV protecting line-to-neutral (see Full Protection).
Braid A fibrous or metallic group of filaments interwoven in cylindrical form to form a covering over one or more wires.
Breakdown The Voltage at which the insulation Voltage between conductors breaks down.
Bunch Stranding A Group of wires of the same diameter twisted together without a predetermined.
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