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If You Don't See It, Just Ask!


Welcome to the soft opening of JHL Industries! We're still adding products to our store, but feel free to have a look around!

  • JHL will customize your cords to your special needs
  • All gauges 16/3 14/3 12/3 10/3 AWG available
  • Perfect for use with heavy duty equipment and tools
  • All jackets resist oil, grease, moisture, and abrasion
  • Free lighted ends, shows power is on and cord is ready to use
  • Free laser printing every 12” to 18” up to 80 characters
  • UL, NEMA, OSHA, AWG, CSA, ROHA Approved
  • Virtually any custom length upon request
  • Custom plug/connector configurations upon request

High-Quality Product Manufacturer

JHL Industries has been working with leading manufacturers in the USA for the past 3 decades to supply high-quality electric wire, extension cords and industrial tape.

We offer a wide range of products and services at competitive pricing along with outstanding personalized service.

At JHL, converting is done on site, so as to provide top-of-the-line and state-of-the-art industrial products to our clients.

You can count on JHL to provide a wide variety of superior quality products like pressure and non-pressure sensitive tapes, electrical cable and wiring, custom extension cords, lighting cables and several other products which meet job-site requirements. We welcome any assembly production work as well.

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