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Prevent accidents by increasing visibility of hazards with our non-adhesive Barricade Tape.

Tape is a lightweight, economical, reusable polyethylene, with a continuous repeat of message or warning. Can be tied, stapled or nailed in place. Meets OSHA 1910.144 for marking physical hazards.

Comes standard 3″ x 1000′. Also available in 200′, 300′ and 500′ lengths. Comes in a variety of mil thicknesses.

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Heavy Grade – 4 mil, Medium Grade – 3 mil, Contractor Grade – 2 mil, Construction Grade – 1.5 mil


Danger, Caution, Caution Acid Hazard, Caution Asbestos, Caution Asbestos Hazard, Caution Caustic Hazard, Caution Caution Caution, Caution Chemical Hazard, Caution Construction Area, Caution Do Not Enter, Caution Energized Area, Caution Entry Requires Protective Gear, Caution Hard Hat Area, Caution High Voltage, Caution Keep Out, Caution Men Working, Caution Men Working Overhead, Caution No Parking, Caution No Smoking, Caution Off Limits, Caution Open Trench, Caution Radiation Area (magenta/yellow), Caution Wet Floor, Caution Wet Paint, Caution Authorized Personnel Only, Caution Entry Requires Permission, Caution Restricted Area Keep Out, Caution Wet Concrete, Caution Cuidado Caution


1000', 500', 300', 200'