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Versatile Artist/Board/Marking Tape - Unleash Your Creativity

Our high-quality Artist/Board/Marking Tape is the perfect tool to enhance your artistic precision. Whether you’re creating artwork, organizing supplies, or marking boards, this versatile tape delivers clean lines and leaves no residue. Unleash your creativity with confidence using our reliable Artist/Board/Marking Tape.


Our Artist/Board/Marking Tape, the must-have tool for artists, designers, and creators. This versatile tape is designed to meet various creative needs, from artwork creation to board layout and precise marking. With our Artist/Board/Marking Tape, you can unleash your creativity with confidence, knowing that you have a reliable tape that delivers precise results and leaves no residue.

Versatile Application:

Our Artist/Board/Marking Tape is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is perfect for creating clean, crisp edges in artwork, labeling and organizing art supplies, dividing boards for layout purposes, and achieving precise marking in various projects.

Clean Removal:

Our tape is designed to leave no residue or damage on surfaces, making it easy to remove without any hassle. You can confidently use it on delicate surfaces, such as paper, canvas, or boards, without worrying about any unwanted residue.

Precise and Sharp Lines:

Our tape provides sharp and clean lines, helping artists achieve precise and professional-looking results. Whether you’re outlining shapes, dividing spaces, or creating intricate designs, this tape ensures that your lines are precise and well-defined.

Easy Application:

Our tape features easy application, allowing you to apply it smoothly and precisely. It adheres well to a variety of surfaces, ensuring that it stays in place while you work on your creative projects.

Durable and Reliable:

Our tape is made with high-quality materials that offer durability and reliability. It can withstand various artistic techniques, such as painting, drawing, and crafting, without tearing or lifting.

Unleash your creativity with our versatile Artist/Board/Marking Tape. Whether you’re a professional artist or a hobbyist, this tape will be your reliable companion in achieving precise and professional-looking results in your creative projects.


Sizes available
• 1/4″ x 60yd
• 1/2″ x 60yd
• 3/4″ x 60yd

• 1″ x 60yd
• 2″ x 60yd
• 4″ x 60yd

Colors Available
We can mix and match all cases with assorted colors

red green
flourescent orange light blue
orange flourescent pink
yellow pink
flourescent yellow white
flourescent green and More!

Blue, Fluorescent Green, Fluorescent Orange, Fluorescent Pink, Fluorescent Yellow, Light Blue, Orange, Pink, White, Yellow


.5″ x 60yds, .75″ x 60yds, 1″ x 60yds, 1.5″ x 60yds, 2″ x 60yds

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  1. hassan

    Manufactured to the highest standards, JHL ProTape’s Professional Grade Duct Tape guarantees reliable and consistent quality. It is designed to meet and exceed industry expectations. It offering peace of mind and instilling confidence in its performance.

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