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Booster Cables are crucial for automotive enthusiasts and people who use automobiles everyday. Also known as jumper cables, this accessory is a must-have for anyone who spends a great deal of time traveling in their automobile.

Tracking Ponies uses JHL Industries’ jumper cables as a backup to their portable power solutions when they attend race events. These cables “jump” the batteries on several race cars when portable power solutions are not available (backup batteries, generators, solar-powered batteries, etc…). Jumper cables are not expensive, and provide tremendous benefit in normal and emergency situations.

JHL Ind. Booster Cables

Jumper Cables have to transmit energy to jump a battery. The proper gauge is needed to be able to get enough current across from one battery to another battery. Heavy duty booster cables manufactured by JHL Industries are capable of transmitting the required amount of electrical current for all situations.

Even with a jump-start battery or other portable power solution, booster cables are crucial to have in any vehicle emergency bag. A jump-start battery may fail at any moment, and if you are properly equipped, booster cables can be a clutch item to get your car started again. Considering most tow trucks and emergency services like AAA carry booster cables, it is still a good idea to keep a set for yourself in your trunk or emergency bag.

It is worth considering keeping an emergency kit in your vehicle to best prepare for any emergency situation. First aid kits, batteries, jumper cables, water, food, gaffer tape, duct tape, lighted neon extension cord, utility knife, flashlight, reflective signs, lighter, flares, spare tire, portable handheld air compressor, tire sealant, one quart of oil or extra charging cable, and a plethora of other items are important to keep in every vehicle your drive to ensure safety at all times.

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