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Cord TieLoks - JHL Cord Connectors

Cord TieLoks, JHL’s newest line of cord connectors, are the newest product to take the industry by storm! Cord TieLoks offer secure connections for your extension cords every single time you use them. Not only do they offer a secure connection and lock your cords into place, the added safety and security of the Cord TieLoks will help your team gain confidence in their efficiency and workmanship.

Would you run a race with shoes that might fall off? What about shoes that were not tied tightly to your feet to offer maximum comfort and protection while running? Consider the JHL Cord TieLoks as shoelaces for your extension cords. JHL cord connectors secure your cords with a tight connection, ensuring any jarring movement or sudden impact on the cord will not disconnect the connection and effect electrical performance or hinder an efficient work site.


JHL Ind. Cord TieLoks are pertinent to all industries and households! The automotive industry implements cord connectors in their production facilities and warehouses. Construction crews around the world secure all extension cord connections with JHL cord connectors. Safety and compliance are a top priority in any industry, and locking cord connectors a must-have accessory for power extension cords.

Also, don’t forget to pair your locking cord connectors with custom printed extension cords! JHL Industries offers a wide variety of options to customize the perfect extension cord for you! Mix and match colors, gauges, lengths, and customize your printed statement to separate your extension cord from your competition!

It is hard to believe we have lived so long using extension cords without the invention of the Cord Connector. Once you use one and see firsthand the added benefit of having an ultra-secure connection between two extension cords, you will never connect extension cords together again without a JHL locking cord connector in place!

Tracking Ponies utilize JHL Ind. Cord TieLoks to connect extension cords powering their tools for all racing events.

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