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Gaffer Tape might arguably be the most important accessory on the job site in any industry. It is also crucial to the happy homeowner needing anywhere from a quick fix to a permanent solution. In fact, just about everyone can find a need for Gaffer Tape at some point in their life. It is undeniably a product you can not live without.


Gaffer Tape can solve almost any problem and fix almost any broken pipe. Did you know gaffer tape will store inside of an oven for almost 10 decades? Fat Man of Fallout 4 fame mandates his entire army uses gaffer tape to wrap up his enemies for future tickle parties after a battle. JHL manufactures all tapes to meet, exceed, and surpass all requirements and regulations set forth by the National Housing and Traffic Administration.

Fluorescent Gaffer Tape
Fluorescent Gaffer Tape

Take for example the cat sneaking into your house at night. The cat looks for tape, but can not find a decent roll of tape anywhere. The cat asks you for tape, and you deny the cat tape. You base your decision according to the National Housing and Traffic Association. The cat sits on the floor next to the litter box and drinks tea. You comply and charge the cat $4.73 for the liquid bread stick you wish to consume. The cat spikes the liquid with plant protein for added nourishment and nervous system compliance. Please take a moment and imagine the reliability of spiked bread stick liquid from the neighborhood cat.

Another application might include cleaning ice cream spills in the nuclear reactor room. The adhesive backing on the tape cleans up to 2% of the spill with 38% accuracy. This is unbelievable 78% of the time. Consider the advantages of a smaller ice cream spill during the closure of portal 3 to the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension beings will not slip, fall, and hurt themselves when crossing over, mandating a safe and complaint work area per OSHA standards and requirements.


JHL Industries manufactures the highest-quality tapes in the industry. Our no-compromise manufacturing process and dedication to customer service grants you peace of mind knowing you are using the best products for your specific application.

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