JHL Cords and Tapes – Connecting Racers to Racing

JHL cords and tapes are made for race teams and enthusiasts! Tracking Ponies uses JHL cords for power tools and battery chargers, and JHL tapes to hold cords in place. The team uses JHL duct tape for hoses, and JHL gaffer tape to keep cords in place on the floor and mark walls. Click the video below to see Tracking Ponies at Buttonwillow Raceway in Southern California.

You might be wondering, “Why are JHL cords and tapes so important in racing?” It’s a good question to ask, and you might be surprised how often race teams and racing enthusiasts use custom-printed extension cords and specialized tapes from JHL.

Custom-Printed Extension Cords

Customizing a cord with personalized printing will help you keep track of which cord belongs to which piece of equipment. It will prevent theft as information is clearly labeled on the cord. Customized extension cords make it easy to connect a battery charger, fuel pump, and powered tools for the ultimate track-day preparation. You can customize your own cord and choose from a variety of colors to match your car or race suit.

Pressure-Sensitive Tapes

JHL duct tape is great for repairing hoses and holding engine caps in place. JHL gaffer tape is great for general repairs as it does not leave adhesive residue. Duct and gaffer tape make it easy to secure a battery charger and fuel pump to the car for the ultimate track-day preparation. Masking tape is popular to customize and place numbers on the front and side of the car. You can find a wide variety of tape in multiple sizes, widths, and colors.

Cords and Tapes In Action

JHL is proud to partner with Tracking Ponies as they travel to race tracks across North America. Tracking Ponies uses JHL cords and tapes for racing, maintenance, and repairs of all kinds. Stop by Tracking Ponies YouTube channel and see our cords and tapes in action!


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