GaffGun Floor Tape Dispenser



Let the GaffGun do the work for you, in a fraction of the time.

Manually laying floor tape is one of the most tedious, time-consuming, and painful jobs many of us must deal with. But with the high cost of a trip or fall, safety must be a priority.
Finally, there is a better way: introducing the GaffGun. No longer do you have to be on your knees or use excessive tape to make your cables secure.
The Gaffgun makes it easy to keep your floors safe.

GaffGun Floor Tape Dispenser Features

  • Gaffer’s Tape Dispenser
  • Easily Tapes Cables to Floor
  • Works in One Fluid Motion
  • Includes Small Cable Guide
  • Includes Long Extension Handle
  • Accessory Type: Gaffer Tape Tape Machine

The GaffGun™ bundle includes:

  • The GaffGun™
  • Long extension handle
  • CableGuide – Small (compatible with 2″-3″ tapes, 1-2 XLR cables)
  • CableGuide – Medium (compatible with 3″ tapes, 3-4 XLR cables)
  • CableGuide – Large (compatible with 3″ tapes, 5-6 XLR cables)
  • FloorGuide (for applications not involving cables)


*Does not include CoreLock™ tape