Flexible and tough jacket. Offers -50°C to 105°C temperature extremes. Seoprene offers excellent abrasion, ozone, sunlight, chemical and oil resistance as well as water and mold resistant non-wicking lightweight polypropylene fillers. Water resistant with high dielectric insulation. Lightweight, long lasting, easy to carry and easy to handle. All components are recyclable and non-hazardous for environmental landfill disposal. Color coded conductors for easy identification.

Special uses requiring flexibility and mechanical toughness, high environmental resistance and flame retardance. Push button remote controls. Motor control, stage equipment and lighting. Industrial control and robotic systems. Outdoor applications. Suitable and approved for submersion in water.

Industry Approvals:
Federal and Military use under Federal Spec. JC-580B. UL Listed SEOOW 600V and SJEOOW 300V to NEC Article 400, CSA certified STOOW or SJTOOW (TPE) -50°C to 105°C. MSHA approval for flame resistance for mining applications.


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