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ULTICUT Ceramic T27 Thin-Cut-Off Wheels: Box/Case Quantities

Unleash the power of Ulticut Plus Ceramic cut-off wheels – the ultimate choice in the market. Renowned for exceptional value, they deliver high-quality performance. Crafted from top-grade ceramic, these self-sharpening wheels ensure consistently powerful cutting. With T-27 Depressed Center design and proprietary bonding, they offer rapid, precise cuts with minimal burrs. Experience fast, efficient cutting and enjoy a flawless finish. Get the best cutting experience ever with Ulticut Plus Ceramic wheels. Huge case discount available, plus FREE SHIPPING on your order!




Are you tired of traditional cut-off wheels that wear out quickly and compromise performance? Designed with superior durability and precision in mind, these wheels are crafted with high-quality ceramic materials, ensuring exceptional cutting power and extended longevity.

Features ULTICUT Ceramic T27:

  • This cutoff wheel is specifically designed for angle grinders and is highly suitable for cutting various metal and stainless steel materials. 
  • It provides a quick and safe cut, making it ideal for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as iron, steel, and welds.
  •  The thin kerf design ensures precise and fine cuts. With its fast cutting capability and durable bond, this cutting disc offers an extended lifespan. 
  • The proprietary bonding system of the T-27 metal cutting wheel enables fast and smooth cutting without burrs. 

4.5”x.040″ X7/8″

  • $3.99 per box (50 wheels)
  • $2.99 per case (500 wheels)
  • Designed for angle grinders, excelling in cutting all types of metal and stainless steel materials.
  • Thin kerf design allows for precise and fine cuts.
  • Hard bond ensures durability and longevity.
  • Proprietary bonding system enables fast and burr-free cutting.
  • Maximum RPM of 135,580 for efficient and safe metalworking.
  • Unbeatable deals you don’t want to miss out on!

6″x0.040″ X7/8″

  •  $4.99 per box (25 wheels)
  • $3.99 per case (250 wheels)
  • Thin kerf design provides precise and fine cuts.
  • Fast cutting and hard bond on the metal and stainless steel cutting disc for exceptional durability and long life.
  • Proprietary bonding system of the T-27 metal cutting wheel allows for fast and burr-free cutting.
  • Maximum RPM of 10,190 for efficient and safe metalworking.


  • $5.99 per box (25 wheels)
  • $4.99 per case (200 wheels)
  • Offers versatility: You can use them wet or dry, catering to a wide range of cutting applications.
  • Fast and Burr-Free: These metal cutting wheels ensure quick and precise cuts without burrs.
  • Wide Compatibility: Ideal for cutting fiberglass, plastic, iron, steel, stainless steel, and other ferrous metals.
  • Premium Abrasive Grains: Crafted with a proprietary blend of high-quality abrasive grains for exceptional performance and longevity.
  • Maximum RPM of 86,000 for efficient and effective cutting.

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