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Tenryu Pro Series from $74.90 to $159.90 : Woodworking Mastery

The TENRYU PRO SERIES for WOOD blades undergo a meticulous crafting process that incorporates advanced techniques like laser cutting, press tempering, individual hammer tensioning, and chrome plating. These carefully executed procedures result in unparalleled precision that sets a new standard in the industry.

This product price will according to the customer order or custom cable length.



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The TENRYU PRO SERIES for WOOD blades are meticulously engineered with precision in mind. They are crafted using cutting-edge techniques such as laser cutting, press tempering, and individual hammer tensioning, ensuring unparalleled accuracy. The chrome-plated bodies of these blades further enhance their precision during cutting.

These blades feature high-quality European-style C4 carbide tips, making them suitable for a wide range of materials including wood, non-ferrous metals, plastics, and solid surface materials.

Additionally, the blades are designed with resin bond-filled expansion slots that serve as built-in dampeners. This innovative design effectively reduces vibrations, resulting in quiet and smooth cuts.

Product Features:
  1. Meticulously engineered with precision in mind.
  2. Crafted using cutting-edge techniques such as laser cutting, press tempering, and individual hammer tensioning.
  3. Unparalleled accuracy guaranteed.
  4. Chrome-plated bodies for enhanced precision during cutting.
PR-25560CBN 10″ 60 5/8″ ATB .110″ 20 Pro Series for wood. A fast and clean cutting blade
for table saws.
$74.90     6
PR-25560D 10″ 60 5/8″ TCG .110″ 10 Triple chip grind for durability. Great woodworking blade. See quote above. $75.90     6
PR-25580CBN 10″ 80 5/8″ ATB .118″ 20 Our popular 80 tooth woodworking Pro Series blade. Better for thinner materials. $84.90     6
PR-25580D 10″ 80 5/8″ TCG .118″ 10 With triple chip grind for endurance. Excellent woodworking blade. $84.90     6
PR-255100AB 10″ 100 5/8″ ATAFR .118″ 15 For use in veneers and thin stock. Unparalleled performance. See also Mel-Pro for cutting veneer-faced plywood. $99.90     6
PR-30560CBN 12″ 60 1″ ATB .118″ 20 Great 12″ table saw blade. Positive rake for thick stock. $84.90     6
PR-30580CBN 12″ 80 1″ ATB .118″ 20 Fine cut-off on table saws. Positive rake. $89.90     6
PR-305100AB 12″ 100 1″ ATAFR .118″ 15 Great for cutting veneer and thin stock on table saws. $99.90     6
PR-35580AB 14″ 80 1″ ATAFR .118″ 15 For fine woodworking with your 14″ saw. Excellent value. $99.90     6
PR-355100AB 14″ 100 1″ ATAFR .118″ 15 For cutting veneers and brittle stock when finest cuts are needed. $119.90     6
PR-405100CBN 16″ 100 1″ ATB .126″ 20 Super clean cuts in wood on 16″ saws; Especially for thin stock. $159.90     6


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