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Retractable Coil Cord for Cable Management and Mobility





The Retractable Coil Cord is a versatile and convenient solution for managing cables and cords in various applications. It is designed to provide flexibility and ease of use, allowing the cord to extend and retract as needed. This retractable cord is commonly used in electronic devices, communication systems, and other equipment where mobility and organization are essential.

Key Features:

Retracted Section: The Retractable Coil Cord features a helical or coiled section that is compact and takes up minimal space when in a relaxed state. This allows for easy storage and reduces clutter.

Extended (Working) Length: With its extendable design, the cord can reach its maximum working length, providing ample distance for connecting devices or equipment without restrictions.

Retractile/Coil Body Diameter: The diameter of the coiled section of the cord when retracted determines its overall size and flexibility. It is important to consider the diameter to ensure compatibility with the intended application.


Retracted Section:
The compressed or coiled length of the cord when in a relaxed state.

Extended (Working) Length:
The maximum distance that cord can stretch or extend to.

Coil Body Diameter:
The diameter of the coiled section of the cord when it is in a retracted or compressed state.

The straight, non-coiled sections of the coil cord located at each end.

Tangent Configuration:
The tangents can be either parallel to the coil or positioned at a 90-degree angle (drop) in relation to the coil.

Strand Configurations:
When choosing the American Wire Gauge (AWG) and strands for the individual conductors, it is crucial to select flex-type stranding. Flex-type stranding involves multiple strands of fine wire, providing increased flexibility and durability for repeated flexing or bending.




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