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25' Green 10/3 SJTWA-UL OSHA Power Extension Cord

The 25-foot Green 10/3 SJTWA-UL OSHA Heavy Duty Power Cord is a reliable and durable extension cord designed for heavy-duty power applications. It features a sturdy construction that meets OSHA standards, ensuring safety and compliance on job sites. The cord is capable of handling high power loads with its 10-gauge wire and 3-prong plug.

With its green color, it is easy to identify and locate on a busy worksite. This heavy-duty power cord is built to withstand demanding environments and provide a reliable power connection for your tools and equipment.



The 25′ Green 10/3 SJTWA-UL OSHA Heavy Duty Power Extension Cord with Light Ends is a reliable and robust solution for extending power to your devices and equipment. The vibrant green color adds visibility and blends well with your workspace or outdoor environment. Built with heavy-duty construction and high-quality materials, this extension cord ensures durability and long-lasting performance. Equipped with light ends, it provides convenient illumination to easily identify the power source and ensure secure connections. Whether you’re working on a job site, in a garage, or need power for your outdoor equipment, this OSHA-compliant extension cord is design to meet your power needs with efficiency and reliability.

Heavy-duty construction:

This extension cord is built with high-quality materials to withstand heavy use and resist wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting durability.

10/3 SJTWA-UL certified:

The cord is certified by the 10/3 SJTWA-UL standard, guaranteeing compliance with safety regulations and providing peace of mind.

OSHA compliant:

The extension cord meets OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards, ensuring safe operation in professional settings.

Vibrant green color:

The bright green color adds visibility and blends well with your workspace or outdoor environment, providing a refreshing and natural touch.

Light ends:

The cord is equip with light ends that illuminate when connected to a power source, providing easy identification and secure connections.

Versatile length:

With a length of 25 feet, this extension cord offers flexibility and reach for various applications, providing convenient power access from a distance.

Wide compatibility:

25′ Green 10/3 SJTWA-UL extension cord is designed to work with standard power outlets. Making it compatible with a wide range of devices and equipment.

Suitable for multiple environments:

Whether you need to power tools on a job site, run equipment in a workshop. Or connect outdoor lighting, this heavy-duty extension cord is designed to meet your power needs.

Durable and reliable:

Built with durability and reliability in mind. This extension cord provides a secure and stable power connection, minimizing the risk of electrical hazards and ensuring smooth operation.

Enhanced safety:

The light ends not only facilitate easy identification. But also provide an extra layer of safety during operation, ensuring secure connections and reducing the risk of accidents.

LENGTH: 25 foot




Cords Per Box: 6 lbs

LBS per Cord:  8 lbs


10 Guage




Single Tap, Triple Tap


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