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100-Foot Blue 12/3 SJEOW-UL OSHA Power Extension Cord


The 100-Foot Blue 12/3 SJEOW-UL OSHA Cold Weather Power Extension Cord is design to provide reliable power supply in extreme weather conditions. With a temperature rating of -60 degrees Fahrenheit, this cord is built to withstand frigid temperatures while maintaining flexibility and uninterrupted performance. The vibrant blue color ensures high visibility. And its heavy-duty construction makes it suitable for demanding applications in workshops, construction sites, and outdoor environments. Whether you need to power tools, equipment, or appliances, this cold weather extension cord is a dependable solution.


Length: With a length of 100 feet, this extension cord offers ample reach for connecting devices to a power source.
12/3 Gauge: The 12-gauge wire with a 3-conductor configuration ensures efficient power transmission and reduced voltage drop, supporting reliable performance.
SJEOW-UL rated: The cord is construct with SJEOW-UL (Junior Service, Elastomer, Oil Resistant, Weather Resistant, Underwriters Laboratories) rated insulation, providing excellent resistance to oil, water, abrasion, and weather conditions.
OSHA compliant: This extension cord meets OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards for safe electrical usage in industrial settings.
Cold weather resistant: With a cold weather rating of -60 degrees Fahrenheit, this cord remains flexible and functional in extremely low temperatures.
Heavy-duty construction: Designed for durability, this power extension cord can withstand heavy use and resist damage, ensuring long-lasting performance.
High ampacity: The 12-gauge wire allows for higher ampacity, accommodating power-hungry devices and equipment.
Versatile applications: This power extension cord is suitable for various indoor and outdoor applications, including construction sites, workshops, and other demanding environments.
Safety features: The cord is equip with lighted ends that indicate when power is flowing, enhancing safety and providing visual confirmation of active power.
UL certified: The cord is certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) for meeting rigorous safety and quality standards.

LENGTH: 100 foot




CORDS PER BOX: 6/45 lbs

LBS. PER CORD: 8 lbs

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12 Guage


100 FT


Single Tap, Triple Tap


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