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White 23' / 4" Multi-Conductor Power Cord with All Lighted Ends

Experience the reliability and convenience of the White 23′ / 4″ Multi-Conductor Power Cord with All Lighted Ends and Power Light. With its dependable power supply, enhanced visibility, and durable construction, this power cord is the perfect choice for powering your projects and events with confidence.


The White 23′ / 4″ Multi-Conductor Power Cord is the ultimate solution for your power needs. With its 12-gauge, 3-conductor design, this power cord delivers a stable and efficient power supply. Equipped with all lighted ends and a power light indicator, it offers enhanced visibility and convenience, even in low-light conditions. Whether you’re working on a construction site, organizing an event, or require power for various applications, trust the White 23′ / 4″ Multi-Conductor Power Cord to provide dependable power and peace of mind.

Reliable Power Supply:

Designed with a 12-gauge, 3-conductor construction, this power cord ensures a steady and reliable power flow for your electrical devices and equipment.

Enhanced Visibility:

Featuring all lighted ends, this power cord provides increased visibility and easy identification in dark or dimly lit environments, promoting safety and efficiency.

Power Light Indicator:

The power light indicator offers visual confirmation of power presence. Allowing you to quickly verify if the cord is actively supplying electricity, ensuring peace of mind.

Optimal Length:

With a length of 23 feet and a 4-inch diameter. This power cord offers versatility and ample reach for connecting to power sources, accommodating various work or event setups.

Durable Construction:

Built to withstand demanding conditions. This power cord boasts a durable design that ensures longevity and performance, even in rugged environments.

Easy Handling:

The lightweight and flexible design of this power cord make it easy to handle and maneuver, simplifying setup and storage.

Wide Range of Applications:

Suitable for construction sites, events, and general power needs, this power cord is versatile and adaptable to various professional and recreational settings. Get more product click here JHL-industries



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