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Premium 10-Foot 14/3 SJTWA-UL OSHA Black Extension Power Cord

The Premium 10-Foot 14/3 SJTWA-UL OSHA Black Extension Power Cord is a high-quality and durable power cord designed for indoor use. It features a 10-foot length, 14-gauge wire size, and 3 conductors for efficient power transmission. With its UL-listed and OSHA-compliant construction, this black power cord ensures safety and meets industry standards. It is ideal for extending the reach of your power source and connecting various devices and appliances. Enjoy reliable and convenient power distribution with this premium extension cord.


The Premium 10-Foot 14/3 SJTWA-UL OSHA Black Extension Power Cord is a top-of-the-line power cord designed to provide reliable and safe power distribution in various indoor settings. With its superior construction and advanced features, this power cord stands out as a premium choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Featuring a 10-foot length, this power cord offers ample reach, allowing you to connect your devices to power sources with ease. Whether you need to power tools in your workshop, electronics in your office, or appliances in your home. This extension cord ensures convenient flexibility and optimal performance.

The 14-gauge wire size and 3 conductors of this power cord are specifically engineered for efficient power transmission. The larger wire gauge reduces voltage drop, ensuring that your devices receive a steady and consistent power supply. With three conductors, this cord can support grounded devices and provide enhanced safety by properly grounding your connected equipment.

One of the key highlights of this power cord is its UL-listed and OSHA-compliant construction. These certifications indicate that the cord has undergone rigorous testing and meets the highest industry standards for safety and quality. You can have peace of mind knowing that this power cord is design to operate reliably and protect against potential electrical hazards.

The black color of the power cord not only adds a sleek and professional look but also helps to easily identify it among other cords. Whether you’re using it in a commercial environment or at home, the black color blends well with various surroundings.

This extension cord is rated as SJTWA-UL, which signifies that it is design for general indoor use. It is capable of withstanding normal wear and tear. Making it suitable for long-lasting performance in different environments. The durable construction ensures that this power cord can handle the demands of regular use without compromising on its reliability.

With the Premium 10-Foot 14/3 SJTWA-UL OSHA Black Extension Power Cord. You can extend the reach of your power source and connect a wide range of devices and appliances securely. From powering tools and equipment to charging electronics and running household appliances. This power cord delivers consistent and safe power distribution.

Investing in this premium extension cord means investing in a reliable and durable solution that will serve your power needs for years to come. Choose the Premium 10-Foot 14/3 SJTWA-UL OSHA Black Extension Power Cord. For its exceptional quality, safety features, and convenience, and enjoy reliable power distribution wherever you need it.

LENGTH: 10 foot



Only available in Black (no custom colors)


Cords Per Box: 50/58 lbs

LBS per Cord:  2 lbs

Product Link: jhlindustries



14 Gauge




Single Tape, Triple Tape


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