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23′-4″ 12/3 Multi-Conductor Power Cord with LX Technology

The “23′-4″ 12/3 MULTI-CONDUCTOR POWER CORD LX” is a high-quality power cord designed for versatile power transmission. With a length of 23 feet and 4 inches, it provides ample reach for various applications. The power cord features a 12-gauge conductor, ensuring efficient power delivery and the ability to handle high power loads. Its multi-conductor design allows for the simultaneous powering of multiple devices, making it a convenient choice for various settings. The power cord is built with durability in mind, utilizing reliable materials and construction to withstand demanding conditions.



The 23′-4″ 12/3 MULTI-CONDUCTOR POWER CORD LX is a versatile and reliable power cord designed to provide efficient power transmission for a variety of applications. With its durable construction, multi-conductor design, and locking extension feature, this power cord offers convenience and peace of mind during operation.

Length and Gauge:

The power cord measures 23 feet and 4 inches in length, providing ample reach to connect your devices to a power source. It features a 12/3 gauge multi-conductor configuration, ensuring optimal conductivity and capable of handling higher power loads effectively.

Multi-Conductor Design:

Equipped with a multi-conductor design, this power cord allows you to power multiple devices simultaneously. This eliminates the need for additional cords or power strips, making it an ideal choice for workshops, job sites, and other environments where multiple devices need to be powered.

Durability and Weather Resistance:

Constructed with high-quality materials, the power cord is built to withstand rugged conditions. It is resistant to abrasion, impact, and exposure to harsh weather, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Rest assured that this power cord can withstand the demands of various working environments.

LX Locking Extension Feature:

The LX (Locking Extension) feature provides a secure and reliable connection between the power cord and the receptacle. This locking mechanism prevents accidental disconnections, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and avoiding potential disruptions during operation.

Versatility and Application:

The 23-Foot 4-Inch 12/3 Multi-Conductor POWER CORD LX is a versatile power cord suitable for powering tools, machinery, lighting systems, and other electrical devices. It meets industry standards for safety and performance, making it a dependable solution for both professional and DIY applications.


Ensure efficient and reliable power transmission with the 23-Foot 4-Inch 12/3 Multi-Conductor POWER CORD LX. Its durable construction, multi-conductor design, and locking extension feature make it an excellent choice for powering multiple devices simultaneously. We build this power cord to meet your power needs in various working environments, leveraging its weather-resistant properties and compliance with industry standards.


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