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25' 12/3-3 SPTWA-UL Flat Triple-Tap Extension Power Cord


The 25′ 12/3-3 SPTWA-UL Flat Triple-Tap Extension Power Cord is a reliable and convenient solution for extending power to multiple devices. The cord features a 12-gauge, 3-wire design with a flat profile, providing flexibility and ease of use in various settings. Equipped with a triple-tap design, it allows you to connect multiple devices to a single power source. Whether you’re working on a job site, in a workshop. Or this need power for your outdoor equipment, this extension cord is design to meet your power needs with efficiency and convenience.

Versatile length:

With a length of 25 feet, this extension cord offers flexibility and reach for various applications, providing convenient power access from a distance.

12/3-3 SPTWA-UL certified:

The cord is built with a 12-gauge, 3-wire design, ensuring efficient power transmission and compliance with safety regulations.

Flat profile:

The flat design of the cord allows for easy storage and reduces tangling, making it ideal for tight spaces and organized setups.

Triple-tap design:

The extension cord is equipped with a triple-tap, enabling you to connect multiple devices or tools to a single power source.

Wide compatibility:

The 25′ 12/3-3 SPTWA-UL extension cord is designed to work with standard power outlets, making it compatible with a wide range of devices and equipment.

Durable and reliable:

Built with durability and reliability in mind.This extension cord provides a secure and stable power connection, minimizing the risk of electrical hazards and ensuring smooth operation.

Suitable for various environments:

Whether you need to power tools on a job site, run equipment in a workshop. It connect outdoor lighting, this extension cord is design to meet your power needs.

Easy to use:

Simply plug the extension cord into a power source and connect your devices . Or equipment to the triple-tap for immediate power access.

Space-saving design:

The flat profile and triple-tap configuration help to minimize cable clutter and maximize efficiency in your workspace.

Reliable performance:

This extension cord is design to deliver reliable and consistent power, ensuring your devices and equipment operate smoothly and efficiently.

  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with a 15 amp capacity
  • Features flex-type stranding for enhanced flexibility
  • Equipped with water-resistant jacketing for added durability
  • Operates reliably in temperatures as low as -40º F
  • Illuminated ends on both plugs and connectors for easy visibility
  • Approved by UL, OSHA, NEMA, AWG, and CSA for compliance and safety standards

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