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Locking Connector by JHL INC.

Our JHL INC. mechanical connector, protected by a patent, is specifically engineered to eliminate accidental disconnections of extension cords equipped with standard straight blade 15A-125V Plugs and Connectors. Say goodbye to the frustrating and unnecessary power loss caused by unintentional separations.

Ensure the security of all heavy-duty extension cords (12/3 and 10/3) by using our JHL INC. Connectors, effectively preventing them from pulling apart.



  • The Locking Connector by JHL INC. offers a specially designed automatic locking feature that ensures a secure connection. To establish a connection, simply insert the male blades and pins into the connector and push them together to lock. The locking mechanism guarantees the prevention of accidental disconnections. To unlock, just pull the collar down, providing a user-friendly experience.
  • JHL INC. prioritizes safety and durability by soldering all their connections. This method ensures a reliable and long-lasting connection. Furthermore, their Lighted Amber Power Check connector illuminates when power is flowing through the cord, providing a visual indicator for users.
  • The connector’s housing and collar construct from high impact polycarbonate, ensuring resilience and suitability for heavy-duty use. This design choice ensures that the connector can withstand demanding environments and resist damage.
  • JHL INC. Connectors are compatible with all standard 15A-125V U-Ground ends, offering versatility and compatibility across various applications. They are available in consumer-friendly carded blister packs or bulk units, catering to different needs and providing efficient assembly options.
  • Customers can choose from a range of colors, including Blue/Black and Black/Black, allowing for customization and easy identification of connected devices.

Specifications of Locking Connector:

  • The Locking Connector boasts impressive specifications. It can operate within a wide temperature range, from -40°F to +160°F, making it suitable for use in diverse climates. With a pull strength of 80 lbs horizontally or vertically, the connector ensures a secure and reliable connection. Additionally, the custom cord strain relief minimizes cord tension and excessive bending, enhancing the overall durability of the connector.
  • JHL INC. takes safety seriously, as their products are UL Listed and cUL Listed for Canada, complying with stringent safety standards. Moreover, they have a pending patent for their innovative design, reflecting their commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering unique solutions in the industry.

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