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Safety Tape - 6 Rolls for Maximum Protection


JHL Safety Tape offers unparalleled protection with its convenient package of six rolls. Designed to prioritize safety, this high-quality tape ensures maximum visibility and security in various environments. Trust JHL Safety Tape to provide the utmost protection for your surroundings, making safety a top priority.


Professional Grade Safety Tape offers a premium solution to enhance safety and security across various environments. With each purchase, you receive six rolls of this high-quality tape, providing ample coverage for your needs. This tape is designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional applications, ensuring reliable performance and maximum protection.

Superior Durability:

Crafted from industrial-grade materials, it offers exceptional durability and longevity. It withstands heavy usage and resists wear and tear, ensuring it maintains its effectiveness over time.

High Visibility:

The tape features vibrant colors that enhance visibility, making it highly noticeable even in low-light conditions. This helps to draw attention to potential hazards, ensuring the safety of individuals in the area.

Strong Adhesive:

This is equipped with a high-performance adhesive that forms a strong bond with various surfaces. It adheres firmly, even to irregular or uneven surfaces, providing a secure and reliable barrier.

Multipurpose Applications:

This versatile tape is suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether it’s color-coding designated areas, marking hazards, delineating boundaries, or providing visual cues, Safety Tape is an essential tool for maintaining safety protocols.

Easy Installation:

Designed for effortless installation, the tape allows for easy application by hand, eliminating the need for additional tools and saving valuable time and effort.

Meets Safety Standards:

We manufacture it to meet and exceed safety guidelines and standards. It ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, providing peace of mind and assurance that you are using a reliable and trusted safety solution.

Safety Tape

  • Heavy-Duty Pressure-Sensitive Safety Tape for Industrial Applications
  • Versatile and Reliable All-Purpose Safety Tape for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Superior Adhesion for Challenging Surfaces
  • Adheres to Irregular Surfaces:  for Maximum Security
  • Water-Resistant Safety Tape: Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • Exceptional Resistance to Abrasion
  • Compliance and Safety Assurance:  Meeting and Exceeding UL & OSHA Guidelines

Black/White, Black/Yellow


1"x36yd, 2"x36yd


4 lbs


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