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Stingers/Motion Picture Cords - Reliable Power Solutions

Experience dependable and secure power solutions with our Stingers/Motion Picture Cords. Engineered for reliability, these cords provide a consistent and safe power supply for various applications. With top-notch quality and durability, our cords ensure uninterrupted power delivery in demanding film production environments.


Our Stingers/Motion Picture Cords, the trusted power solutions for film production professionals. Designed to provide reliable and efficient power distribution on set, our cords are essential for connecting equipment, lighting, and other electrical devices. With their high-quality construction and superior performance, our Stingers/Motion Picture Cords ensure uninterrupted power supply, keeping your production running smoothly.

Reliable Power Distribution:

Our Stingers/Motion Picture Cords are specifically design for reliable power distribution on film sets. They can handle high power loads and ensure consistent power supply to your equipment, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Durable Construction:

We prioritize durability in our cords. We make them from high-quality materials that can withstand the demanding conditions of film production environments. Our cords are built to last, whether it’s rigorous setups or frequent transportation.

Enhanced Safety:

Safety is paramount on any film set. We engineer our Stingers/Motion Picture Cords with safety features, including proper grounding and insulation, to protect against electrical hazards. This provides peace of mind to the crew and ensures a safe working environment.

Flexible and Tangle-Free:

We understand the importance of easy setup and organization. Our cords are design to be flexible, allowing for convenient routing and placement. They are also tangle-free, reducing the time and effort required for cable management.

Length Options:

We offer a range of length options to accommodate various production needs. Whether you require shorter cords for close-range connections or longer cords for extended reach, we have the right solution for you.

Versatile Applications:

Our Stingers/Motion Picture Cords are suitable for a wide range of applications in film production, including lighting setups, camera rigs, sound equipment, and more. They provide the essential power connections necessary to bring your creative vision to life.

Choose our products for reliable power solutions that meet the demands of film production. With their durability, safety features, and flexibility, our cords ensure uninterrupted power supply, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shots and creating unforgettable cinematic experiences.


25' ($110.77), 35' ($129.45), 50' ($148.61), 75' ($241.19)


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