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winter Extension Cord

Insulated Winter Extension Cords

Extension cords are essential for powering devices located far from electrical outlets. However, it’s important to recognize that not all extension cords are created equal. Specifically, when it comes to winter conditions, using the right type of extension cord is crucial. Winter extension cords are designed to withstand cold temperatures, while outdoor extension cords can become rigid and less flexible in chilly weather. Insulation plays a significant role in distinguishing winter extension cords from outdoor ones. Our Winter extension cords feature a specialized SJEOW Elastomer insulation that ensures flexibility even in extreme cold, up to -58 degrees Fahrenheit! Unlike outdoor cords, winter extension cords are built with thicker insulation and durable materials to safeguard against moisture and harsh temperatures. Additionally, all our extension cords are constructed to resist damage from light and chemicals, such as oil. Consider the plug type when working with higher voltage equipment. Our winter extension cords are equipped with a three-prong plug, including a grounding wire that minimizes the risk of electrical shock or fires. Choosing the right extension cord involves considering various factors, including your work environment, power requirements, and weather conditions, especially during winter. Our cords are available in vibrant colors (blue, yellow, green, and pink) to ensure high visibility in winter conditions. Whether there’s snow or ice, these cords stand out, reducing the risk of tripping hazards. Furthermore, our product includes a power and ground check light for added safety. Don’t let subpar cords hinder your productivity. Get your hands on insulated extension cords today to tackle winter challenges effectively!

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Extension Cord

Choosing the Right Extension Cord

When it comes to choosing extension cords, many people prioritize affordability. While price is an important consideration, it’s crucial to also think about factors like safety and performance. Fortunately, we’ve done the research for you, ensuring that you can easily find the perfect fit for your needs. Introducing Pro-Glo Extension Cords, featuring built-in lighting that proves especially useful in dim environments like concerts or evening events. These cords are available in lengths ranging from 15 to 100 feet and come in both heavy-duty and lightweight options, catering to diverse requirements. For homeowners and contractors seeking reliable cords, we recommend exploring our range of Basic Extension Cords. These cords are safe, user-friendly, and suitable for various applications in homes or offices, accommodating small appliances effortlessly. If you’re a construction worker or a dedicated DIY enthusiast tackling demanding tasks, our Heavy Duty Extension Cords are ideal for you. These cords are designed to withstand rugged environments and heavy-duty equipment such as power saws. Their durable coating provides excellent protection against breakage, making them a worthwhile investment for outdoor or extreme usage. In cases where multiple appliances need to be connected but outlet availability is limited, our Multi-Outlet Extension Cords are the perfect solution. These cords come in a variety of lengths to meet your specific needs, providing the convenience of powering multiple devices simultaneously. Don’t compromise on safety or performance when selecting extension cords. Explore our range of options at JHL Industries to find the perfect cord that meets your requirements.

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extension cord

Choosing Cord Length

Extension cords are a critical component to any household, office, event site and construction site. As it is so common, the quality and length of extension cords are often overlooked to the detriment to the buyer. Going with the most inexpensive option can leave you with a cord that may not be long enough, frays easily and lacks in overall performance. Going with too short of a cord can cause additional damaging restrictions. Here at Century Wire & Cable, we recommend that you look into buying extension cords with added length. The reason being is that these types of cords come with more resistance which provides the cord with a higher resistance to the heat being generated from the electricity. Our cords come in various lengths ranging all the way to 100 feet.  With that in mind, it is critical you do some research to see how the various cord lengths may affect whatever purpose you have in mind for it. If the cord is too short, you may end up stretching the cord too much which could cause it to fray. This can be potentially dangerous as the wires become exposed, or it could cause the device it is attached to, to malfunction. This becomes a liability as well, because the damaged cord may start to emit dangerous  heat levels and cause the cord to melt. Additionally, the cord may lose the ability to maintain the same type of voltage running through it. Investing in a strong cord with length can save you money in the long run because it will not diminish overtime and protects against any dangerous casualties. Aside from saving money, you will be protecting anyone who is in the vicinity of the cord from potential harm. If you are unsure which cord will best suit the purpose you have in mind, then talk to one of our experts at Century Wire & Cable Today!

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