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Heavy-Duty Extension Cords
JHL Industries’ Heavy-Duty Extension Cords

Heavy-Duty Extension Cords are important in any situation, especially involving construction and remodeling. Wherever there are power tools, there are extension cords. Knowing the correct amperage and gauge wire needed to complete a project can be tricky, but JHL Industries’ helpful guide directs you to the appropriate gauge cord to complete the job safely and efficiently.


If you use an improper gauge, equipment and tools will not receive the proper voltage needed to perform properly. The wire could melt because of the large amount of current flowing through it, compared to how much the cables can handle. The smaller the wire diameter, the higher the resistance. High resistance creates heat. Heat creates fire hazards which are highly undesirable and difficult to extinguish. The chart below offers a general guide to the gauge cord needed for certain job types and various situations.

Amperage Chart


Did you know you can print on an extension cord? YES, we can print your company information, name, and statement on the cord for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! Your custom-printed extension cord will have your information printed throughout the entire length of the cord. This deters theft and prevents cords from getting lost. Custom-printed extension cords provide clear labeling for organizing heavy-duty extension cords on the job site. Watch the video from our YouTube channel below. Mike explains how he found our custom-printed extension cords.

Our state of the art process ensures the information printed on your cords displays brightly throughout the toughest jobs. You will not have to worry about cords getting stolen or lost. Your custom-printed contractor cords will remain in your inventory for years to come. JHL Industries commits to provide the best custom-printed extension cords in a wide variety of gauges, lengths, and colors.

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