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Diablo Steel Demon: 14″ x 72 Tooth Cermet Metal Blade

Experience the cutting power of Freud Diablo Steel Demon 14″ x 72 Tooth Cermet Blades that are specifically designed to cut both ceramic and metal materials. These blades offer exceptional durability, lasting up to 40 times longer than standard carbide blades. With their innovative Cermet technology, they deliver superior cutting performance and longevity. Upgrade your cutting tools with Freud Diablo Steel Demon Cermet Blades for efficient and long-lasting cuts.

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Diablo Steel Demon Cermet saw blade series revolutionizes metal cutting on the Jobsite with innovative and safer features. Experience up to 40X longer blade life compared to standard carbide-tipped blades when cutting both mild and stainless steel. The Cermet teeth, combining ceramic and metallic materials, deliver exceptional heat tolerance and hardness for superior wear resistance. With a Triple Chip Grind and Perma-Shield coating, these Diablo Steel Demon blade offer precise cuts, minimal sparks, and burr-free finishes without the need for rework. The thin-kerf body and anti-vibration stabilizer vents ensure smooth and accurate cutting with reduced noise and vibration. Say goodbye to dedicated blades as this one-blade solution transforms the metal cutting industry.

Key features:

  • Cermet teeth offer high heat tolerance and increased hardness for up to 40X longer cutting life
  • Triple Chip Tooth design provides burr-free finishes, fewer sparks, and extended cutting life
  • Advanced Laser Cut Stabilizer Vents minimize vibration and noise while maintaining blade stability
  • Tri-Metal Shock Resistant Brazing ensures maximum durability by withstanding extreme impacts
  • Laser Cut Thin Kerf Design reduces resistance, heat buildup, and allows for precise cuts
  • Perma-SHIELD non-stick coating prevents heat buildup, gumming, and corrosion
  • Laser Cut Arbor minimizes vibration and premature wear during use
  • Ideal for cutting steel studs, angle iron, flat bar, channel, EMT conduit, plate, bar stock, and threaded rods
  • Use with low RPM metal cutting saws, secure materials properly, and choose the appropriate tooth count and cutting speed for optimal results
  • Recommended for metalworking projects, including studs, tubing, plates, bars, and rods.
  • Note: Follow safety instructions, adjust RPM speeds accordingly, and let the tool do the work for best performance.


  • ARBOR: 1″
  • DIAMETER: 14″
  • KERF: .083″
  • PLATE: .071″
  • TEETH: 72 TCG
  • MAX RPM: 1800


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