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75' White 12/3-3 Flat Line OSHA Extension Power Cord

The 75′ WHITE 12/3-3 Flat Line Convention OSHA Extension Power Cord with Light Ends is a high-quality and durable extension cord designed for various applications. With a length of 75 feet and a flat line design, this cord offers convenient flexibility and easy storage. It is OSHA-compliant and features light ends for enhanced visibility and safety. This extension power cord is ideal for providing reliable power distribution in both residential and commercial settings.


The 75′ WHITE 12/3-3 Flat Line Convention OSHA Extension Power Cord with Light Ends is a premium-grade extension cord designed to provide reliable and safe power distribution in a variety of settings. This high-quality cord offers a host of features and specifications that make it an exceptional choice for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Length, Flexibility, and Easy Storage

With a length of 75 feet, this extension cord provides ample reach, allowing you to connect your devices and equipment to power sources even at a distance. The generous length offers flexibility and convenience, eliminating the need for multiple cords or the use of additional adapters. Moreover, the flat line design ensures tangle-free usage and easy storage, making it a practical solution for both temporary and permanent installations.

OSHA-Compliant and Enhanced Safety

Designed with safety in mind, this extension power cord is compliant with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations. This means that it adheres to strict safety standards, ensuring optimal protection for users and equipment. Additionally, the cord is equipped with light ends, which not only enhance visibility in low-light conditions but also provide a clear indication that the cord is connected and powered.

Superior Construction and Durability

Crafted with precision and built to last, this extension power cord boasts a robust construction that can withstand the demands of regular use. The 12-gauge wire size and 3 conductors ensure efficient power transmission, minimizing voltage drop and ensuring a steady supply of electricity. The high-quality materials used in its construction make it resistant to abrasion, impact, and wear, extending its lifespan and making it suitable for even the toughest environments.

Versatile Power Distribution

The 75′ WHITE 12/3-3 Flat Line Convention OSHA Extension Power Cord is engineered to accommodate a wide range of devices and equipment. It is ideal for powering tools, appliances, electronics, lighting, and more. Whether you need to connect devices in a workshop, office, construction site, or outdoor event. This extension cord provides a reliable and efficient power solution.

Trusted Quality and Peace of Mind

When it comes to electrical power, reliability and safety are paramount. This extension power cord offers both, giving you the confidence and peace of mind to use it in various applications. Its adherence to industry standards, OSHA compliance, and durable construction make it a trustworthy choice for professionals and homeowners alike.

In conclusion, the 75′ WHITE 12/3-3 Flat Line Convention OSHA Extension Power Cord with Light Ends.  It is a versatile, durable, and safe solution for your power distribution needs. Its ample length, flat line design, and OSHA compliance make it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. Trust in its superior construction, enhanced safety features. And reliable performance to deliver the power you need with peace of mind.

LENGTH: 75 foot




Cords Per Box: 5/49 lbs

LBS per Cord: 10 lbs

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