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15' 14/3-3 SPTWA-UL Flat Extension Power Cord


The 15′ 14/3-3 SPTWA-UL Flat Extension Power Cord is a reliable and versatile solution for extending power to your devices. With its 14-gauge, 3-conductor design and SPTWA-UL certification, this extension cord provides safe and efficient power transmission. The flat design helps prevent tangling and keeps the cord organized, making it ideal for various setups and locations.

Versatile length:

The 15-foot length offers convenient reach for different applications.

14/3-3 gauge:

The 14-gauge wire with 3 conductors ensures efficient power transmission and reduced voltage drop.

SPTWA-UL certified:

The cord is certified by UL for safe use and meets industry standards.

Flat design:

The flat cord design helps prevent tangles and keeps the cord neat and organized.

Durable construction:

Flat Extension Power cord is built to withstand heavy use and features sturdy connectors for long-lasting performance.

Wide compatibility:

Compatible with standard power outlets, this extension cord works with a variety of devices and equipment.

Easy to use:

Simply plug the cord into a power source and connect your devices for instant power access.

Suitable for indoor use:

This extension cord is designed for indoor applications and offers flexibility for different setups.

Versatile and reliable:

Whether for home, office, or job site use, this extension cord provides a reliable power connection.

Safety assurance:

The SPTWA-UL certification ensures the cord meets safety standards, providing peace of mind during use.

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