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50′ 14/3 SJTWA-UL Single Extension Power Cord

The 50-foot 14/3 SJTWA-UL Extension Power Cord is a reliable and versatile solution for extending the reach of your electrical devices. With a single plug design, it offers convenience and ease of use.

The cord is built to meet UL safety standards, ensuring peace of mind during operation. Whether you need to power tools, appliances, or other equipment, this extension cord provides a durable and efficient power supply.


The durable and reliable 50′ 14/3 SJTWA-UL extension power cord with a convenient single plug design. This power cord is ideal for extending the reach of your electrical devices in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. It meets the SJTWA-UL safety standards, ensuring safe and efficient operation. With its 14/3 gauge rating, this cord provides optimal power transmission and minimal voltage drop. Get the versatile and dependable 50′ 14/3 SJTWA-UL extension power cord for all your power extension needs.


  • Length: 50 feet
  • Gauge: 14/3 SJTWA-UL rating
  • Single plug design for easy connectivity
  • Meets safety standards for reliable performance
  • Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial use
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Versatile power extension for various devices and applications

Choose the 50′ 14/3 SJTWA-UL extension power cord for its exceptional quality and performance. Power up your devices with confidence and enjoy the convenience of a single plug design. Order now for reliable power extension in any setting.

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